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Last updated 31/01/20

Results 2019/20 - Southend League Division 1 - 1st Team

14/10/19Southend IIA4-2
20/11/19Temple SuttonA4-1
09/12/19Basildon IIH4-1
27/01/20Southend IIH3-2
02/03/20Temple SuttonH
09/03/20Basildon IH
16/04/20Basildon IIA
30/04/20Basildon IA

The latest league table is on the Southend & District League website.

Southend II14/10/19Southend I
1Colin M Newton (W)14601Howard Grist171
2Michael J Saunders14601Neil A Sutherland175
3Luke M Stylese14510Stephen L Wedlock161
4Fred R Whitefield12910Alex Davis-Loadese150
5James I Courtenay6701Dennis M Thompson90
6Stuart A Pithers5201Adam Moysee79
Average Grade114.2137.7
Average Performance121.0130.8
Southend I11/11/19Thurrock
1Howard Grist (W)171Barry S Shepparde155
2Neil A Sutherland17501Michael D Bradford119
3Julian Corfield173Andrew Offord119
4Stephen L Wedlock16110Malcolm K Crane105
5Alex Davis-Loadese15010Derek Reynolds104
6Luke M Stylese14510Dan Ball94
Average Grade162.5116.0
Average Performance143.2135.3
Temple Sutton20/11/19Southend I
1Justin P Baptie (W)188Howard Grist171
2John R Marshall13901Neil A Sutherland175
3Gary M Perks120Julian Corfield173
4Ethan Yau12001Stephen L Wedlock161
5Melvin R Pool11601Alex Davis-Loadese150
6John Barber106Colin M Newton146
Average Grade131.5162.7
Average Performance135.3158.8
Southend I09/12/19Basildon II
1Howard Grist (B)171Robert E Fowles157
2Neil A Sutherland17501Arunas Gedvilas159
3Stephen L Wedlock16110Peter R Laundy148
4Julian Corfield17310Allan Reid134
5Alex Davis-Loadese15010Andrew Daniel101
6Luke M Stylese14510Default0
Average Grade162.5139.8
Average Performance161.6144.2
Thurrock07/01/20Southend I
1Barry S Sheppard (W)e15501Howard Grist171
2Andrew Offord11901Neil A Sutherland175
3Richard Ball10201Julian Corfield173
4Banky Akinyosoyee9501Stephen L Wedlock161
5Silviu Sandue11001Luke M Stylese145
6Dan Ball9401Alex Davis-Loadese150
Average Grade112.5162.5
Average Performance97.7177.3
Southend I13/01/20Billericay
1Julian Corfield (W)173D Ian W Reynolds180
2Neil A Sutherland175Robert T Killeen163
3Howard Grist17110Richard N Davies148
4Stephen L Wedlock161Madison Bowden145
5Luke M Stylese14510Theo Todman130
6Alex Davis-Loadese15010Default0
Average Grade162.5153.2
Average Performance173.2145.0
Southend I27/01/20Southend II
1Howard Grist (W)171Alex Davis-Loadese150
2Neil A Sutherland17510Colin M Newton146
3Julian Corfield17310Michael J Saunders146
4Stephen L Wedlock16110Fred R Whitefield129
5Dennis M Thompson9001Nick J Lacey132
6Default001Christopher Wray91
Average Grade154.0132.3
Average Performance160.2134.4

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