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Last updated 31/01/20

Results 2019/20 - DG Cannan Trophy

Essex LeagueSouthend League
Pos  NameWDWDWDWDScore
1  Luke M Styles3020303054
2  Stephen L Wedlock1021303049
3  Neil A Sutherland1021213047
4  Alex Davis-Loades3010213046
5  Colin M Newton1121103043
6  Michael J Saunders3021012041
7  Julian Corfield1021211138
8  Howard Grist1110212137
9  Fred R Whitefield1021102035
10  Steve J Haggerty2000100012
11  John R Chapman0001011011
12  James Evans2100000010
13  Nick J Lacey000111009
=14  James I Courtenay001000006
=14  Adam Moyse010010006
=14  Stuart A Pithers000000106
=17  Peter H Billson000010004
=17  Dennis M Thompson000010004
=17  Christopher Wray000010004

The points scoring system is as follows:

Home win - 4 points
Home draw - 2 points
Away win - 6 points
Away draw - 3 points.

The best three results in each of the following categories will apply:

Essex League (home)
Essex League (away)
Southend League (home)
Southend League (away).

Perriman Cup fixtures are included in the Southend League totals.
Matches between two Southend teams are deemed to be a home fixture for all players.

Results 2019/20 Index    Barton Cup    Speed Chess Grand Prix