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Last updated 22/08/19

Results 2018/19 - Southend League Division 1 - 2nd Team

08/10/18Southend IA1-4
22/10/18Basildon IH1-4
08/11/18Basildon IIA3-3
21/01/19Temple Sutton IH1-4
28/01/19Southend IH2-4
14/02/19Basildon IA1-5
04/03/19Basildon IIH3-3
03/04/19Temple Sutton IA4-2

The latest league table is on the Southend & District League website.

Southend I08/10/18Southend II
1Howard Grist (W)18010Josh T Winiberg158
2Neil A Sutherland182Michael J Saunders142
3Stephen L Wedlock17310Colin M Newton137
4Julian Corfielde18010Fred R Whitefield131
5Ian D Gilbert16110Nick J Lacey120
6Steve J Haggerty10601Doris G Randell86
Average Grade163.7129.0
Average Performance155.7137.0
Southend II22/10/18Basildon I
1Michael J Saunders (B)14201David Kraszewski184
2Colin M Newton137David J Millward164
3Fred R Whitefield13101Paul A Savin165
4Dennis M Thompson7901Alaa Gamal155
5Alan H Wilson6201Peter R Laundy149
6Peter H Billson7210Default0
Average Grade103.8163.4
Average Performance106.4167.2
Basildon II08/11/18Southend II
1Paul A Savin (W)16501Michael J Saunders142
2Arunas Gedvilas16110Colin M Newton137
3Peter R Laundy14910Fred R Whitefield131
4Allan Reid14401Nick J Lacey120
5Andrew Daniel9510Steve J Haggerty106
6Lakshan Siddharth10701Doris G Randell86
Average Grade136.8120.3
Average Performance120.3136.8
Southend II10/12/18Billericay
1Josh T Winiberg (W)158Robert T Killeen154
2Michael J Saunders14210Richard N Davies148
3Colin M Newton13710Dale J Bailey132
4Fred R Whitefield13110Jeffrey Goodwin129
5Steve J Haggerty10601Theo Todmane113
6Christopher Wray9710David R Wilson96
Average Grade128.5128.7
Average Performance153.7103.5
Southend II21/01/19Temple Sutton I
1Michael J Saunders (W)14201Justin P Baptie189
2Colin M Newton137Tye A Byram147
3Fred R Whitefield131Urbi Modhura132
4Steve J Haggerty10601Ashley Carr117
5Christopher Wray9701John Barber109
6Doris G Randell86Purba Audhora108
Average Grade116.5133.7
Average Performance107.5142.7
Southend II28/01/19Southend I
1Michael J Saunders (W)14210Howard Grist180
2Colin M Newton13701Neil A Sutherland182
3Fred R Whitefield13101Stephen L Wedlock173
4Christopher Wray9701Julian Corfielde180
5Doris G Randell8601Nick J Lacey120
6Dennis M Thompson7910Ashley Graye80
Average Grade112.0152.5
Average Performance127.5137.0
Basildon I14/02/19Southend II
1David Kraszewski (B)18410Michael J Saunders142
2Tamas Somogyi18110Colin M Newton137
3Paul A Savin16501Fred R Whitefield131
4Arunas Gedvilas16110Alan H Wilson62
5Sean A Clarke16710Default0
6David J Millward16410Default0
Average Grade170.3118.0
Average Performance159.3131.5
Southend II04/03/19Basildon II
1Michael J Saunders (W)14201Paul A Savin165
2Colin M Newton13710Arunas Gedvilas161
3Fred R Whitefield13101Peter R Laundy149
4Nick J Lacey120Lakshan Siddharth107
5Steve J Haggerty106Andrew Daniel95
6Christopher Wray9710Default0
Average Grade122.2135.4
Average Performance125.4137.2
Billericay13/03/19Southend II
1Robert T Killeen (W)15410Colin M Newton137
2Richard N Davies148Fred R Whitefield131
3Jeffrey Goodwin12910Steve J Haggerty106
4Ian P Morgan12710Christopher Wray97
5Theo Todmane11310John R Chapman60
6Chris W Van Veen11310Alan H Wilson62
Average Grade130.798.8
Average Performance144.585.0
Temple Sutton I03/04/19Southend II
1Urbi Modhura (W)13201Dennis R Dartnell155
2Melvin R Pool11201Michael J Saunders142
3Ashley Carr11701Colin M Newton137
4John Barber10901Fred R Whitefield131
5Purba Audhora10810Steve J Haggerty106
6Ethan Yau9210Christopher Wray97
Average Grade111.7128.0
Average Performance111.3128.3

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