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Results 2018/19 - Speed Chess Grand Prix

Grand Prix Standings

Pos Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
1Howard Grist20102012201698
2Stephen L Wedlock1220121660
3Fred R Whitefield201218142
4Michael J Saunders810343634
5Neil A Sutherland83617
=6James I Courtenay4419
=6Nick J Lacey819
8Colin M Newton314
9Luka Lacey112
=10Stuart Pithers11
=10Luke D Shaw11
=10Mike Thomas11

This competition runs from May to September with nine events of 'five', 'ten' or 'fifteen' minute games. Points are awarded for the top four places (20, 12, 8 and 4 respectively) and one point for taking part. The player with the highest points total at the end of all nine events holds the Speed Chess Grand Prix trophy for one year. The results of the 'ten' and 'fifteen' minute games are sent for ECF rapidplay grading.

An incremental time control is in operation. For 'five' minute games the time control is three minutes plus three seconds per move, for 'ten' minute games the time control is six minutes plus five seconds per move and for 'fifteen' minute games the time control is ten minutes plus five seconds per move.

Event 1 - 11/05/18 - 5 Minutes

1Howard GristX33410   20
2Stephen L Wedlock1X348   12
3Michael J Saunders11X35   8
4James I Courtenay001X1   4

Event 2 - 25/05/18 - 10 MInutes

1Fred R Whitefield146X1225   17520
2Michael J Saunders1441X2315010
3Howard Grist17601X2315010
4James I Courtenay67000X0   574

Event 3 - 08/06/18 - 15 Minutes

1Howard Grist176X111115   20220
2Fred R Whitefield1460X01113   16212
3Neil A Sutherland18001X0121528
4Colin M Newton153001X012   1423
5Michael J Saunders1440001X12   1423
6Stuart Pithers890000X891

Event 4 - 22/06/18 - 5 Minutes

1Stephen L WedlockX222222214   20
2Howard Grist0X12222211   12
3Nick J Lacey01X1112288
4Michael J Saunders001X12127   4
5Fred R Whitefield001X12+61
6Mike Thomas00101X226   1
7Luka Lacey000100X23   1
8Luke D Shaw0000-00X0   1

Event 5 - 06/07/18 - 10 Minutes

1Howard Grist176X111111619420
2Stephen L Wedlock1660X1011115   17212
3Fred R Whitefield1460X1011141628
4Michael J Saunders144010X10114   1543
5Neil A Sutherland1800010X1114   1593
6Colin M Newton15300010X113   1411
7Luka Lacey66000000X11   681
8Nick J Lacey880000000X0   691

Event 6 - 20/07/18 - 15 Minutes

1Howard Grist176X0111317416
2Stephen L Wedlock166X0111317416
3Michael J Saunders14411X0013   1646
4Neil A Sutherland180001X113   1646
5Fred R Whitefield1460010X12   1441
6James I Courtenay6700000X0   571

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