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Results 2018/19 - Global Coins

1Steve J Haggerty106X111111 1119121
2Dennis M Thompson790X 1 101111692
3Tony C Lodge920 X 1101 1116   98
4Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge7600 X001111116   82
5Christopher Wray97 01X 1115   99
6Peter H Billson720001X10 1 4   74
7William U Bremner58010 0X 01 1365
8John R Chapman600100 X10 1365
9Luka Lacey71 0 0 110X 013   58
10Alan H Wilson6200000 01 X113   57
11Ashley Graye80000000 10X-1   44
12Luke D Shawe1200000 0000+X1   2

This event is an all-play-all open to all club members with an ECF grade (or estimate) under 120. The results of all games are submitted for ECF grading.

The winner holds the Global Coins Cup for one year. Ties are broken by a play-off.

Round 1 - 21st September
Peter Billsonv Steve Haggerty
Dennis Thompsonv Alan Wilson
Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridgev Luke Shaw
Bill Bremnerv Tony Lodge
Ashley Grayv Chris Wray
John Chapman- bye
Luka Lacey- bye
Round 2 - 26th October
Tony Lodgev John Chapman
Luke Shaw v Bill Bremner
Alan Wilsonv Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge
Steve Haggertyv Dennis Thompson
Luka Laceyv Peter Billson
Ashley Gray- bye
Chris Wray- bye
Round 3 - 9th November
Dennis Thompsonv Luka Lacey
Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridgev Steve Haggerty
Bill Bremnerv Alan Wilson
John Chapmanv Luke Shaw
Ashley Grayv Tony Lodge
Chris Wray- bye
Peter Billson- bye
Round 4 - 30th November
Tony Lodgev Chris Wray
Luke Shaw v Ashley Gray
Alan Wilsonv John Chapman
Steve Haggertyv Bill Bremner
Luka Laceyv Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge
Peter Billsonv Dennis Thompson
Round 5 - 14th December
Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridgev Peter Billson
Bill Bremnerv Luka Lacey
John Chapmanv Steve Haggerty
Ashley Grayv Alan Wilson
Chris Wrayv Luke Shaw
Tony Lodge- bye
Dennis Thompson- bye
Round 6 - 4th January
Alan Wilsonv Chris Wray
Steve Haggertyv Ashley Gray
Luka Laceyv John Chapman
Peter Billsonv Bill Bremner
Dennis Thompsonv Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge
Luke Shaw- bye
Tony Lodge- bye
Round 7 - 18th January
Bill Bremnerv Dennis Thompson
John Chapmanv Peter Billson
Ashley Grayv Luka Lacey
Chris Wrayv Steve Haggerty
Tony Lodgev Luke Shaw
Alan Wilson- bye
Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge- bye
Round 8 - 25th January
Alan Wilsonv Tony Lodge
Luka Laceyv Chris Wray
Peter Billsonv Ashley Gray
Dennis Thompsonv John Chapman
Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridgev Bill Bremner
Steve Haggerty- bye
Luke Shaw - bye
Round 9 - 1st February
John Chapmanv Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge
Ashley Grayv Dennis Thompson
Chris Wrayv Peter Billson
Tony Lodgev Steve Haggerty
Luke Shaw v Alan Wilson
Luka Lacey- bye
Bill Bremner- bye
Round 10 - 15th February
Steve Haggertyv Luke Shaw
Luka Laceyv Tony Lodge
Dennis Thompsonv Chris Wray
Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridgev Ashley Gray
Bill Bremnerv John Chapman
Peter Billson- bye
Alan Wilson- bye
Round 11 - 22nd March
Ashley Grayv Bill Bremner
Chris Wrayv Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge
Tony Lodgev Peter Billson
Luke Shaw v Luka Lacey
Alan Wilsonv Steve Haggerty
Dennis Thompson- bye
John Chapman- bye
Round 12 - 3rd May
Luka Laceyv Alan Wilson
Peter Billsonv Luke Shaw
Dennis Thompsonv Tony Lodge
Bill Bremnerv Chris Wray
John Chapmanv Ashley Gray
Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge- bye
Steve Haggerty- bye
Round 13 - 24th May
Chris Wrayv John Chapman
Tony Lodgev Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge
Luke Shaw v Dennis Thompson
Alan Wilsonv Peter Billson
Steve Haggertyv Luka Lacey
Bill Bremner- bye
Ashley Gray- bye

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