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Last updated 13/04/19

Results 2018/19 - Club Championship

1Neil A Sutherland182w13+b11+w22   192
2Stephen L Wedlock173w14+b8+b12   196
3Howard Grist180b5=w9+b41165
4Michael J Saunders142w6=b12+w31127
5Nick J Lacey120w3=b17+w111145
6Christopher Wray97b4=w19+b71125
7Dennis R Dartnell155bye=b18+w61165
8Josh T Winiberg158b16+w2-b101   146
9Dennis M Thompson79w15+b3-w121   89
10Alan H Wilson62w17+b13-w81   87
11Colin M Newton137b20+w1-b51   137
12John R Chapman60w21+w4-b91   60
13Fred R Whitefield131b1-w10+b151   131
14Steve J Haggerty106b2-w20+b161   116
15William U Bremner58b9-bye+w131   29
16Tony C Lodge92w8-b21+w141   92
17Peter H Billson72b10-w5-bye+1   37
18Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge76b19=w7-b2064
19James I Courtenay62w18=b6-w2162
20Doris Randell86w11-b14-w180   66
21Luke D Shawe12b12-w16-b190   2

This event is a six round swiss open to all club members. The results of all games are submitted for ECF grading

The time control is 36 moves in 90 minutes followed by 24 moves in an hour. If both players agree, then all moves in 80 minutes plus an increment of 10 seconds per move may be played. Rounds will commence promptly at 7.30 p.m.

The winner holds the Jarratt Cup for one year. Ties are broken by a play-off.

The highest placed player graded under 150 holds the Tilleard Cup (Minor Championship) for one year.
There is also an award for the highest placed player graded under 110.
Ties for these awards are split by sum of progressive scores, then sum of opponents' scores.

Scheduled dates -

Round 1   Friday 1st March
Round 2   Friday 5th April
Round 3   Friday 10th May
Round 4   Friday 7th June
Round 5   Friday 5th July
Round 6   Friday 2nd August

Results 2018/19 Index    Southend League Team Lightning    JA Speigel Memorial