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Handicap System For Perriman Cup

The handicap points are calculated as follows:

1.Total the gradings for both teams as given on the result sheet for the match.
2.Obtain the difference in total gradings between the two teams.
3.Award handicap points to the team with the lower total gradings, as follows;
Grading Difference
0 - 39 0
40 - 79
80 - 1191
120 - 1591
160 - 1992
200 - 2392
240 - 2793
280 - 3193
320+ 4
4.A player's grading is taken to be that given on the Registration or Supplementary Registration form.

Other Points

DefaultsWhen a player who is listed to play fails to arrive (or arrives too late to play) and subsequently defaults their grade will remain in the calculation for the purposes of Rules 1 - 3.
Where a team defaults on the bottom board(s) without naming a player(s), the grade taken for the purposes of Rules 1 - 3 will be the same as the grade of the player on the board immediately above the default(s).
SubstitutionsWhen a player is used as a "substitute" to replace a listed player who is absent, the grade taken for the purposes of Rules 1 - 3 will be the higher of (a) the grade of the absent listed player and (b) the grade of the "substitute player".
Tie-BreakIf the final match scores are tied, the bottom board elimination rule will apply, i.e. re-calculate the scores ignoring board 6. If board 6 is drawn ignore board 5 etc. If all matches are drawn and no handicap is given to either side, a re-match will take place.

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