Southend & District Chess League Title

Last updated 05/07/10

Original Rules

The League's original rules from 1966. These are heavily based on the Essex Chess Association rules of the time.

1. The League shall be called the Southend & District Chess League.
2. It shall consist of one division: teams of 6 boards.
3. No player shall be allowed to play in the League for more than one club during the season and, when a club enters two or more teams, no player shall play for more than one team.
4. The playing season shall be from 1st. October to 1st. May the following year. A meeting of Club representatives shall be held in September to arrange fixtures and within seven days of this meeting each club shall forward to the League Secretary a list of the fixtures arranged. Each club must notify the League Secretary wihin three days of any subsequent alteration of an arranged fixture.
5. (a)Clubs must give their opponents at least 7 days' notice if unable to comply with an arranged fixture.
(b)Matches shall commence not later than 7.30p.m.
(c)teams shall be played in descending order of playing strength.
(d)Match Captains or their deputies must exchange team lists before the time agreed for the commencement of the match.
(e)Immediately after the exchange of team lists match captains shall toss for colours: the team winning the toss shall have white on the odd-numbered boards.
Failure to comply with any part of this rule may lead to a team losing the match in the event of a club making a claim due to such failure.
6. The minimum playing time for matches shall be two-and-a-half hours. Thirty minutes from the time agreed for the commencement of a match shall be allowed for any player absent and unless within that time a substitute has been nominated and put in the team the absentee shall forfeit the game.
7. Chess clocks, where available, shall be used. The rate of play shall be 24 moves in the first hour and 6 moves per subsequent hour. All clocks shall be started at the arranged time of commencement of the match.
8. Teams winning a match shall score 2 points; 1 point shall be scored by each team in the event of a draw. The winner shall be the team scoring the most points. In the event of teams being equal in points they shall each play a further match with each other team concerned in the tie to decide the winner.
9. The names of all players, with their scores must be forwarded to the League Secretary by both clubs concerned within 7 days of the match taking place.
10.The following shall apply to games that are not completed at the call of time:
(a)No game shall be submitted for adjudication until 30 moves have been made with the black pieces.
(b)If 30 moves have not been made at the call of time and the players are unable to agree a result the game must be continued within 3 weeks of the date of the match, the venue to be the headquarters of the team visiting in the original match unless otherwise agreed. Failure to comply with this arrangement shall result in a loss to the defaulting player.
(c)When a game is unfinished at the call of time, i.e. not before a 2 hour minimum has been played, and play is to be resumed at a later date, the player whose turn it is to move must make a sealed move within 10 minutes of the said call of time and his opponent must sign his name across the sealed envelope containing the move. It shall be the duty of the opponent of the player making the sealed move to prepare a diagram of the position and to record the other necessary particulars. On resumption the envelope must be opened in the presence of both players and the game must be continued for a full match session (2 hour minimum).
(d)The result of each adjourned game must be forwarded to the League Secretary by both clubs within 7 days of its resumption.
11.Provided 30 moves have been made with the black pieces at the call of time, either club may insist upon adjudication. Each position for adjudication, clearly diagrammed, (black pieces ringed), must be sent by both clubs, together with claims, to the League Secretary within 7 days of the match. If only one club complies with this rule the claim made by that club will be allowed. The adjudicators decision is final.
12.Details of any dispute or protest by a club shall be sent in writing within 7 days of the incident to the League Secretary, who shall refer the matter to the League Management Committee whose decision shall be final.
13.The League Management Committee, which shall consist of a representative from each club, shall have the power to decide upon any issue which may not be covered by the above rules.
14.Any alteration of or addition to these rules shall be decided by the League Management Committee.