Southend & District Chess League Title
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Minor Competition Rules

1.Teams consist of four players.
2.The total grading of the players (based upon the August list) in the team must not exceed 440 grading points.
3.No player may play whose grade is more than 125.
4.Should any player be used who is graded under 75 then they will be treated as being graded as 75 for the purposes of Rule 2.
5.All players who are registered to play in the Senior Divisions will be eligible to play in the Minor matches (subject to the grading restrictions).
6.Players may only play for the club that they are registered with for the Senior Divisions.
7.Should any club enter more than one team in the Minor competition then a player can only play for one of those teams during the season.
8.Results should be submitted in the same way as the Senior Divisions.
9.All other playing conditions are as per the current League rules.

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