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Revised May 2014

Rules - Part 6. Continuation of Unfinished Games

A.1.Any games unfinished after the first period of play are to be decided by agreement, or continued within five (5) weeks, or by the end of May whichever is sooner.
Any member who considers that his opponent is unfairly forcing him to a play-on, may lodge an appeal providing : The appeal is lodged with the Results Officer within seven (7) days of the last period of play and the appeal is accompanied by a diagram, all relevant match details, lines of play, and a deposit of one pound. If the appeal is upheld the deposit will be refunded. A copy of the appeal must be sent to the opponent or his club secretary at the same time.
2.Games to be resumed shall be continued at the visiting team's venue unless otherwise mutually agreed. The exception to this being under the provisions of Rule 5.G.2..
3.The player whose turn it is to move at the end of allotted time of play must make a sealed move within ten (10) minutes and sign his / her name across a sealed envelope containing the move for the retention by the non-sealing player. The times on the clocks are to be recorded and set accordingly when the game is continued.
It is the duty of the opponent of the player making the sealed move to prepare a diagram of the position and to record the necessary particulars.
4.Once the procedure in Rule 6.A.3. has been completed, a date for resumption must be agreed between the players. If a player has been unable to get his opponent to agree a date at that time, a report should be made with the result sheet. If no date is provided and no report is made, the game may be scored as a loss to both players.
5.If either player wishes to cancel an arrangement to continue a game, then they may do so provided that they give at least forty-eight (48) hours notice, offer at least two (2) alternative dates, if necessary waiving any choice of venue. If a player cancels an arrangement to play and does not comply with all of the above conditions then his/her opponent is entitled to claim the game.
6.On resumption the game must be continued for a full match session time control as per rule 5.G.1., 6.A.8..
7.Any player not present at the resumption will be allowed thirty (30) minutes grace, following which their opponent will be entitled to claim the game as a win providing he is able to win the game by a series of legal moves. Should this not be possible, then the opponent will be entitled to claim a draw. The resumption start time will be 7.45pm unless agreed otherwise.
8.Following the second period of play ( minimum of 2 hours ), and no result having been reached, a further period of play will take place.
Rules : 6.A.3., 6.A.4., 6.A.5., 6.A.6., 6.A.7. and 6.A.8. will again apply with the required numerical increment in the expressions 'first' and 'second'.

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