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Last updated 16/08/19

Results 2018/19 - Summer Blitz Grand Prix

This competition is open to all members of the League's affiliated clubs.

It will be held as a series of five five-minute tournaments.

1Monday 13 MaySouthend
2Wednesday 12 JuneTemple Sutton
3Wednesday 17 JulyThurrock - St Thomas of Canterbury Church Social Club, 16 East Thurrock Road, Grays, RM17 6SR. - Map
4Thursday 15 AugustBasildon
5Wednesday 11 SeptemberBillericay

Competitors should arrive by 7.45pm* to register so the event can commence around 8.00pm*. The event should finish around 9.30pm.

* The Temple Sutton event will start 15 minutes earlier.

The entry fee for each event is 2.00 per competitor (1.00 for juniors).

Points will be awarded as follows:

1st Place8 points
2nd Place6 points
3rd Place4 points
4th Place2 points

All other competitors will be awarded 1 point if they finish their games.

Points will be shared in the event of ties.

The player scoring the most points will win the competition, only the three highest scoring rounds will count.

An award will be given to the winner and runner-up.

Grand Prix Standings

Pos Player Club 1 2 3 4 5 Total
1David KraszewskiBasildon887623
=2Robert T KilleenBillericay448
=2Howard NortonThurrock61118
=4Nd UbaThurrock77
=4Stephen L WedlockSouthend21417
=4Fred R WhitefieldSouthend1427
=7V Radu BaraBasildon66
=7Peter R LaundyBasildon66
9Gary M PerksTemple Sutton44
10Michael J SaundersSouthend1113
=11Banky AkinyosoyaThurrock112
=11Arunas GedvilasBasildon22
=11Silviu SanduThurrock112
=14Malcolm K CraneThurrock11
=14Marcin DaczkowskiThurrock11
=14Richard N DaviesBillericay11
=14John EllisThurrock11
=14Frank E GulleyTemple Sutton11
=14Mandar ManeBasildon11
=14John R MarshallTemple Sutton11
=14Andrew OffordThurrock11
=14Joe PateyTemple Sutton11
=14Melvin R PoolTemple Sutton11
=14Yuntian QuiTemple Sutton11
=14Derek ReynoldsThurrock11
=14Lakshan SiddharthBasildon11
=14Robin C SmithThurrock11

Event 1 - 13/05/19 - Southend

1David KraszewskiBasildonX1111158
2Howard NortonThurrock0X111115   6
3Robert T KilleenBillericay0X111144
4Stephen L WedlockSouthend000X1113   2
5Richard N DaviesBillericay0000X101   1
6Michael J SaundersSouthend00000X11   1
7Fred R WhitefieldSouthend000010X1   1

Event 2 - 12/06/19 - Temple Sutton

1David KraszewskiBasildonw3+b4+w5+b2+w8+b7+6   8
2Robert T KilleenBillericayw9+b10+w4+w1-b3-b8+4   4
3Gary M PerksTemple Suttonb1-w12+b7+b5+w2+w4-4   4
4Fred R WhitefieldSouthendb12+w1-b2-w10+w5+b3+4   4
5Stephen L WedlockSouthendb7+w6+b1-w3-b4-w11+3   1
6Michael J SaundersSouthendw11+b5-w10+b8-w7-b9+3   1
7Howard NortonThurrockw5-b11+w3-b9+b6+w1-3   1
8John R MarshallTemple Suttonb10-w9=b12+w6+b1-w2-21
9Melvin R PoolTemple Suttonb2-b8=w11+w7-b12+w6-21
10Frank E GulleyTemple Suttonw8+w2-b6-b4-w11-b12+2   1
11Joe PateyTemple Suttonb6-w7-b9-w12=b10+b5-11
12Yuntian QuiTemple Suttonw4-b3-w8-b11=w9-w10-1

Event 3 - 17/07/19 - Thurrock

1David KraszewskiBasildonw13+b4+w2=b3+w10+b5+57
2Nd UbaThurrockw14+b3+b1=w5+b9+w6+57
3Stephen L WedlockSouthendb10+w2-b5+w1-b7+w9+4   4
4Fred R WhitefieldSouthendb12+w1-b7+w10=b5-w11+32
5Howard NortonThurrockw6+b9+w3-b2-w4+w1-3   1
6Banky AkinyosoyaThurrockb5-w8+b10-w14+w12+b2-3   1
7Michael J SaundersSouthendw9-b14+w4-b13+w3-b12+3   1
8Silviu SanduThurrockw11+b6-w13-b12-w14+b10+3   1
9Marcin DaczkowskiThurrockb7+w5-w12+b11=w2-b3-21
10Derek ReynoldsThurrockw3-b11+w6+b4=b1-w8-21
11Andrew OffordThurrockb8-w10-b14+w9=b13+b4-21
12Robin C SmithThurrockw4-b13+b9-w8+b6-w7-2   1
13Malcolm K CraneThurrockb1-w12-b8+w7-w11-b14-1   1
14John EllisThurrockb2-w7-w11-b6-b8-w13+1   1

Event 4 - 15/08/19 - Basildon

1V Radu BaraBasildonX1101011117   6
2Peter R LaundyBasildon0X101111117   6
3David KraszewskiBasildon00X11111117   6
4Arunas GedvilasBasildon110X1001152
5Howard NortonThurrock0000X111115   1
6Stephen L WedlockSouthend1000X011141
7Banky AkinyosoyaThurrock000101X1014   1
8Lakshan SiddharthBasildon0001000X113   1
9Silviu SanduThurrock00000010X12   1
10Mandar ManeBasildon000000000X0   1

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